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Full Version: Salon Loyalty Incentive
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HI everyone. I recently started in a salon, this is my first job out of nail school and getting my license. Its a bit slow. I was thinking of bringing up the idea to my salon owner of a salon loyalty card. "Book five appointments with me and receive a free manicure for the sixth" type of thing. Any feedback or idea would be great!!
I like it! We r going to be trying it too! Even with "fills" - could be 50% off, Free nail art, free paraffin, etc....
I have a loyalty program that is points based, but I use a salon app to manage it. When thinking of loyalty programs, think like a big business - if you look at their loyalty programs, they really only give back 1-3%. That's because they want to actually make a profit. Big Grin If you're looking for something to do while building, that's more of a promotion than a loyalty program - something that you will only offer until business picks up?

The only time I would do a buy 5 get 1 free is if it were prepaid, and they all had to be used within a certain time frame or the free service would be voided. This is something I have done in the past when I wanted to raise cash for salon improvements or for a big push on bringing in new retail items.

Any time I do a special, I make sure that I will still get paid a decent hourly wage. Do a search on this forum, this topic was just discussed a few weeks ago, so you might find some good info there.
Here's one - but I thought there was another one as well. If you do a search here, it will pull up threads going back a period of time. Unfortunately not a ton, they disappear from the forum after a period of time, but there should still be several to look at.
A rewards or loyalty program is not a bad idea, but it is not going to help get people in the door in and of itself. You need to determine how you will initially attact clients first, then you keep them coming back with aloyalty program (and, of course excellent services!).
Start with the simple, free things like a FB page (which you have to maintain and be active with posts!), your Google business listing, make sure you are on Yelp, etc. If you can get any kind of ad budget, running ads on FB is very simple and can be targeted to your ZIP code so you are only paying to show your ad to people who might actually come to your shop.