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Full Version: Fav top coat for OPI and Zoya
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Aside from Seche Vite (which I won't use because it has toluene) what's your favorite and longest lasting top and base coat combos?

We use Zoya and OPI in the salon, and I went with the Lumos top and base, but most of my techs hate the top coat because it's not as shiny as others. Also, I have the regular-sized bottles of the topcoat and it's very thick, but the large bottles it is very drippy - which I find very odd.

I had a couple of clients this week complain about chipping after just a day or so, and we had used Cuccio's topcoat on one and either Lumos or Out the Door on the other - not sure if they had OPI or Zoya polish.

I know every client is different; just looking for a general consensus and input Smile
We have been using the Lumos base and top coat for quite a while now with very good success. (We also use Zoya polish.)

I spoke with Linda, the owner of Famous Names products, personally on a few occasions about Lumos and Dadi Oil, and she is extremely helpful. I learned that you can add alcohol (only a drop or two at a time) to thin the topcoat if it gets too thick and that does the trick. I put some alcohol in a dropper bottle so that I have it easily on hand when I need to use it during a busy day.

The base coat goes on thin and easy, but you do have to apply the topcoat with a heavy hand - that is the trick to the topcoat. Linda explained that to me. I believe that they have the information for application on their website with pointers on how to use their products if you have questions. Linda is always happy to answer any questions as well.

I think in these days of instant dry gel polish, you need to have a quicker drying regular nail polish system in place to keep customers happy and smudge-free as well. Vinylux is a great system for fast drying regular polish if you have not tried it, but the color selection is limited. Lumos lets you use any polish with a fairly fast drying result.
I have taken a break from Seche Vite. Now I've been using Cnd air dry or sometimes CND air dry with CND super shiny over it to make it even shinier. For the base I've been using Lumos, but sometimes whatever (I have a collection). I did not like Lumos top coat for the same reasons you mentioned, and also it tends to drag the color even with a fully loaded brush. I'm used to applying heavily with Seche anyways. You have to be careful with Lumos base too; if you try to perfect your color coat too much the base will wipe off leaving lumps try no more than 3-4 strokes.
Every time I come here and you all are talking about the Lumos treatments I do a mental facepalm because I always mean to order it and just...forget lol! So anyway, I can't say much on it's comparison to Lumos but I swear by Zoya's Anchor basecoat. I'll even use it at home with other polish brands and it seems to hold well. Topcoat - Seche just's there, idk. If I do some nail art, I'll use the Zoya Armor top and while it takes a long time to dry (though you can use Qtica's quick dry drops and THAT puppy really works!) it does hold *very* well. I turned a client on to it that was a religious user of Essie's No Chips Ahead and she said it was great, maybe even better.
Nothing better than "Out the Door" for me!