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Full Version: Tammy Taylor Users (question)
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For those of you that use Tammy Taylor what do you use to clean the nails off before primer? With cnd I use scrub fresh .
You can use Sanitize or I use 91% alcohol.
I use tammy taylor. its what I learn with in school and I never switched. I just dry dust with a manicure brush like she says.
TT system doesn't call for a liquid wipe after removing the shine, such as Scrub Fresh. Just brush the dust off with a plastic manicure brush. Scrub Fresh is a dehydrator (I think). TT system doesn't use a dehydrator. With TT you have to etch (which is a little more than just removing the shine) and use an acid primer.
Thanks, ladies. I thought that was the case but I just feel like it needs to be cleaned. I guess y'all haven't had any problems with the nails turning green?