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Full Version: Tom Holcomb
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For those who have known Tom Holcomb - we lost him today. He was the most talented nail tech of all time.
He competed this past weekend in LA and was lucky enough to get in a good visit and hug.........
He will be missed.
Indeed a sad day in the nail world..
Rest in peace Tom...
So sorry to hear this.
How did this happen? He was an amazing Nail Artist, I met him when I was a newbie 20 years ago, and watched him compete. Such sad news.
Truly a life to be celebrated. My prayers go out to his family and loved ones. What a great life though, huh? To leave such a mark on our industry and on the hands and hearts of those who knew him. He was truly Nail Royalty.
Vicki, thanks of the information. We never had the opportunity to meet Tom, and that is something we will always regret. He was a legend in this industry who set the standards of excellence both with his talent and professionalism, and who influenced a great many people through his education.

Together with the loss of Steve Jobs, another iconic figure, the world is a poorer place.

Bob & Iryna
A loss of an exceptional talent...
Bob - yes another icon like Steve Jobs. I just got over that loss and now Tom.
Truly a legend lost, he will be missed.
During the time that Tom lived with us in Florida, he taught so many techs to be better than ever! Plus, I don't think I laughed so much during that time. Tom created techniques that, we have all shared that has set the bar for all of us. My greatest memory was the time, we were teaching a class and the girl had no nails, on one had. She was born without nails. He put those nails on and they stayed for a week! That girl was beaming and everyone in the class was in "awe" and naturally they were pink & white sculptures!! Even though Tom has left us, his legacy for, the "best techniques and as, the best nail tech" in the industry will live on! He definitely, put his "special stamp" on our industry. Tom, God bless you...... You will be missed by so many!
I think anyone who ever met Tom will have a great lasting impression of him. I was fortunate enough to meet him in Florida at an Entity class and will always remember when I asked him a question expecting a quick answer, but he literally sat down next to me and went over the process from start to finish. That impressed me so much! There was a lot of people in that class and I'm sure it was overwhelming for those educators, but I was grateful for the time he gave me. He will be missed by many!
I also had the pleasure of talking with him at a class he was hosting in Chicago many many years ago. He was very friendly and had taken the time to show me personally a few tips on how to work with his product.

I was surprised when I read he was gone. Though I did not know him personally, I will miss him because of what he bought to my nail world.

We love you Tom!

Tom Holcomb was a huge influence in my career, and I was fortunate enough to spend time with him. He was a great teacher, and a wonderful person. I feel a great loss at this time, and my heart goes out to his family. There will never be another artist like him.

Goodbye, my mentor, sleep peacefully.
OMG! I am so sad to hear this. I too, thankfully took many classes with him. He was amazing. What a void there will be without him.