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Full Version: ?? about paying commissioned workers
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Awhile back there was a discussion about paying comm. employees and how the general opinion is that if they don't make enough, the salon is supposed to make up the difference to bring the pay to min. wage. Someone posted that unless the salon makes a certain amount in income, they did NOT have to do that. Anyone know where I can find that information?
I would like to know this as well.

Bowie, MD
Page 25 - the only exemptions related to revenue are if you work for an amusement park....

OK, I was told that if the business did NOT make more than $500K a year and had under a certain amount of employees, they didn't have to make up the difference in the comm. pay to meet min. wage if the employee didn't make enough.

I don't know what the # of employees would be. I know a salon that had at least 4 employees and didn't match to min. wage if the stylist didn't make enough for the week. I've been told this is going to change, tho.
If you pay weekly rent do you still give the salon a comm?
I would think if you're renting, you're B. R. If you're being paid comm. then you are considered an employee and taxes should be taken from your pay.
(10-13-2013, 04:03 AM)lovelynails Wrote: [ -> ]If you pay weekly rent do you still give the salon a comm?

No. As a booth renter you owe no commission to the owner. The owner becomes your landlord and you are a business within a business. Commission is what the owner would pay you after accepting payment for services rendered.
The law might vary from state to state. Here in WA there is no such exemption for small business'.

The fact that these laws are in place doesn't mean they are being followed - employers get away with doing things because they don't get reported. Not quite the same thing as being "legal". Wink
In SC you don't have to guarantee min wage. Some places only have you come in when you have an appointment so you're not there all day. You probably make over min wage just not getting very many hours. I feel like salons that require you to be there a certain time should guarantee you min wage. Most resorts/hotels pay hourly + tips. Also, just because you are paid commission you can still be an independent contractor. But In my opinion if they don't want to pay the taxes they can't require you to stay there specific times.