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Full Version: I need new pink!!
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I have been using yn and none of their pinks are pink enough for some of my clients. I do not want BUBBLES! please help.
To make the YN pink more pink, add some of the rainbow red, neon pink or I think there's a metallic red acrylic powder to it. You really can get it as pink as you want. If you call YN they can tell you which might be best according to what you're wanting. That way you don't have to sacrifice the quality of your acrylic at all.
Ok thanks.
A trick I learned a long time ago......Premium Nails Extreme Pink powder is a great mixing pink. Used alone it is bright pink. I am a Young Nails user also and the powders just aren't pink enough although I love their workability. So I just mix up a few different pinks with the Premium Nails Extreme Pink....never have had any problems.
I won a goodie bag from Premium Nails a few years ago from Nails Mag and I was also going to recommend their Extreme Pink or Ultra Pink. I ended up not switching to their system because I use Tammy Taylor, but definitely loved the tone of those pinks. My clients tend to love the TT P3 (the darkest pink I've ever found with no color mixing required), so when I tried the Premium nails on two clients they both loved the colors just as much if not more. I think the Premium nails had a warm red undertone and P3 is a cool blue undertone, so that's probably the difference. But I can't remember if it was the Ultra Pink or Extreme Pink. The main point is both brands are darker than the average powders, with no color mixing required.