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Full Version: disposable table towels
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So, who's got a great money conscious way to have disposable table towels, without paying an arm and leg for them? I just recently, as a promo, received a pack of expert touch towels. I loved them, but as a booth renter, it's expensive. Today I bought a pack of handsdown ultra towels, still above my budget of course. I know some of you use dental bibs, which are similar to the handsdown, but I Don't really care for the plastic backing. It seems like a waste. I remember years ago that handsdown made non plastic backed table towels, but I can't seem to find them at cosmoprof. Any suggestions? Also, if there are any good discount product sites out there I don't know of, please let me know. Right now I order through premier nail and the industry source.

Thanks in advance!
I use the dental bibs without plastic on the back. I think I looked on a medical supply site. I bought a case of 1000 for like $25. They work great!
I use bounty paper towels.... Have for years! Also they are great to wipe your brush on.
(10-08-2013, 08:07 PM)sabbott Wrote: [ -> ]I use bounty paper towels.... Have for years! Also they are great to wipe your brush on.

This is what I do too, for 12 years. I want to get Soft Landings towels as they are amazing, but as usual shipping is aweful.
I bought mine from the Young Nails distributor in Redding, CA. Tracey used to own it, but someone else is running it now. I think they are about the same as the Soft Landings towels, but it seems like the price was far more reasonable. I know I would get a big bag of them for not much money. Sorry I can't remember prices or quantity since it's been so long since I bought any. I still have a bunch as they last forever. I fold them in half three times, and just refold to expose a clean section for each service, so one towel lasts for 16 services! Of course, that's just for wiping the acrylic brush on. On the table I have a reusable towel laid out and I just wash those.

Their number is (530) 221-9091 if anyone's interested in calling them about the towels.

I used to use a patient bib over the top of the regular towel so I could fold it up and toss it when I was done filing to get rid of the mess, but since I bought the Salon Pure Air there's not so much dust, so even as cheap as they are I'm saving that little bit of money.
The salon I work at uses plain paper towels! Even for wiping the nail - we cut them into squares......
Dental bibs are cheaper and better. They have the plastic backing, which is great! You can get them on Ebay in large quantities for under $25.

Bowie, MD
I use the blue shop towels. I cut them into fourths and use those to clean my brush then i just use 2 whole ones for my table towel.
Patient bibs - paper with plastic backing: