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Full Version: best/strongest tips (for extensions)
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...wondering, those of you who use tips for your extensions, do you have favorites? I assume some are better than others? I use an occasional tip for a quick fix on myself when I break a nail ... I had a few left from a sample kit & they didn't seem very strong (maybe I'm comparing their strength to sculpted gel extensions & the sculpted gel extensions are simply stronger?) TY!
I have used pre-etched tips for years and still love them today.
Most of the strength should come from the gel the tip is just something to build on.
I do realize that the tips get layered with gel ...but the few times Iv'e used a tip it seemed to breakdown easier (like if I accidently dinged it against something)- it might break or take 'chunk' out of it much easier than a sculpted gel extension ...maybe I need to build the tip more.
I use young nails tip, they are more expensive but my ladies don't break or chip there nails. I feel the tip needs to be durable as well as the acrylic. Good luck. Smile