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Full Version: pictures/lifting/gel choices-
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How do you add or post a picture here?

I'm struggling with filing a LIFT still :-(
Had a friend over & took a picture & wanted to show you guys in seek of help!

I'm in NJ & looking for a hard Gel class too!!

I'm even putting a few different hard gels on a few fingers seeing which I like best!
Any pro's or con's on :
I'm between Light Elegance (user friendly shiny awesome colors strong)
Masterworks (shiny strong awesome colors easy to work)
Artistic Rock Hard ( strong LED cure, not shiny enough)
***looking @ prices TOO ***
These can be pricey??

Thanks EVERYONE :-)
One way I remove lifted gel is to cut the lifted area using the edge of my e file bit. I use a carbide for this and cut a line nearly all the way thru the product, completely around the lift. Once it's done, a gentle pressure with the tip of a cuticle nipper under the product will pop it away if it's cut around correctly. No damage to the nail when it's done right.
The other way is to file from the thickest part of the product toward the thinnest, not the other way around. I feel like when you start filing at the side wall or right at the cuticle, it pushes the nail down away from the product and that's what causes you to 'chase' the lift. The product protects the nail while you file and you're literally ahead of the lift when you file like that, not behind it.
If you've not tried Elite Beauty Supplies line of products, you should check out what we offer. We do have a trial kit available which has all 5 of our gels in it along with a sample of our bonder, E Link. The link to the site in below under my signature.
Thanks Donna- I appreciate the info - I will try & file from free edge toward cuticle- I think that I am trying to file behind it - I'm just not actually doing it! This suggestion sounds good! I want to get a safety carbide bit as well I think. I start with the efile - but being new I don't use as much as I could!
I'll check out Elite as well!!
Josephine More is an educator & distributor for Light Elegance in NJ, she would be an Awesome source of info for you. She holds classes there pretty regularly too. You can find her at Innovative Nails in Red Bank.
Thanks - I emailed her Monday asking about up coming classes!
Let me know if you hear anything. I emailed her about classes a while ago and never heard back
I saw on the LE website she has a class on Monday the 21st first I believe but I wanted to see if that was all?
Anyway - I still haven't heard back - I might just call instead. I'll keep you posted!
I did get a call back :-)
Level 2 class Monday 10/21
Give her a call- I used the # off of the LE classes section.
I'm also available for classes in the TX area. You can send me an email at