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Full Version: *Indigo Lamp CCFL
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Hello, I don't know ifyou have Indigo in the US but there are some here from other countries as well and I wanted to ask about Indigo's new Lamp (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) if someone knows...
It is a new lamp and claims to cure all types of gels and gel polishes, it is a bit expensive but it is worth it if it does what it says...It doesn't need replacing bulbs, cures at half time and lasts for 50.000 hours...if someone has it, have u tried it with different gel brands to test if it does what it says?? I am thinking of getting one in the beauty show here in Greece...
So no one knows about these Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamps???
I have a CCFL/led lamp. I haven't had it for a month yet. As far as curing faster I don't think the CCFL cures any faster than the old uv bulbs, but the LED and CCFL together cures faster. For example Young Nails Finish (a hard gel tack-less sealer) will not cure in my gelish mini led light even with extended time. With the LED and CCFL on it cures in 1 min. With just CCFL it still takes 2 min. I find that most hard gels will cure in 1 min with both types of lights on. I don't know if the Indigo light you mentioned has LED too. I feel like the main benefit to the CCFL lights is not having to change bulbs, not having to worry if they are still good etc. As far as curing time I don't think CCFL is any faster.