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Full Version: Has anyone used any Perfect Formula products?
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Perfect Formula Products

I was wondering your opinions. I remember a client that introduced the Pink Gel to me a few years ago and she swore up and down by it. From what I can see ingredient-wise, there doesn't seem to be anything miraculous about it. Though, it has camphor and formaldehyde. Sure, of course formaldehyde will make your nails like iron. Has anyone ever used Quimica Alemana? I've known this product forever because my grandmother would use it and back in the day you could only find this in the little ethnic shops; she only stopped because now I do her nails hehe. That's another product that will definitely turn your nails around and help keep polish on for a very long time. But it is really high in formaldehyde. Seriously, it'd make eyes burn simply when applying to other's nails -- and I wasn't close to the bottle at all! Plus, the whole burning after applying bit. I guess what I'm asking is that there really isn't a product that with weekly applications will turn your nails around like these two?