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Full Version: paraffin treatment
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i would like to add this service to my menu but since i haven't used before paraffin i would like to ask those of you who paraffin services what kind of wax you use and some steps i need to i have to consider something before buying any kit?do i also need training for that?in my school didn't train us on that and i don't have a clue..
It's cake. you can YouTube it, I just make sure clients have clean hands or feet, apply lotion or massage product, dip and put them in food baggies :-) of course clients with anything communicable are a no go.
And any professional paraffin is fine, you can even buy unscented and add half or a third a scented wax cube for a custom scent
Scented wax? I haven' t heard of this before. Coulda you recommend me some??
Use a ladle to put the melted wax in the baggies, then place the foot/hand in the bag and move the wax around to cover it, then wrap in a warm towel. This method is the most sanitary.

An alternative is Eco-Fin, which we use at our salon because it is not a petroleum based product. It's made of different oils, and a little cube is dropped in a baggie and then heated in the microwave for about a minute and the application is the same as above.
I would be careful with this one! Paraffin can be a little tricky when it comes to sanitation. Some states do not allow you to actually dip a hand or a foot because of contamination. I generally use a small disposable cup and ladle enough into a plastic bag (similar to a cello bag), massage it in, tighten the opening around the ankle, then wrap with a hot towel or mitten. It's a really nice service to add that doesn't cost very much, although it can be a bit messy.