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Full Version: Surgery for "trigger finger"?
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I found out that I need surgery for my trigger finger. I'm right-handed and the problem is with my left ring finger. It gets stuck in a bent position. Has anyone had any experience with this? The surgery isn't until January, so I've got a lot of time to work myself into a tizzy.
My mom just had that surgery done... and now her other hand is acting up and will probably need it done also. The scar is still very sore and it's been a couple months.
If you have a good chiropractor you might ask if he can do anything for it. Maybe you can avoid the surgery???
I had the same surgery on the same hand and finger. The surgery was fast and not painful at all. I thought my recovery was quick also. I have no soreness at all and the scar is maybe a half inch, but you have to look for it to know it is there. I haven't had any problems with any other fingers either.
I had it done - its easy!
Thanks for the replies! I'd like to avoid the surgery if possible, but it's good to know some have had good luck with it. I expect it'll keep getting worse if I don't do something about it.
Vicki & Lisad, how long before you could get back to work? I already have a few whiners "what about my nails???" arrgghh... nice to know they care, huh?