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Any one have advice on what to tell clients to use to help nail fungus or bacteria which ever it is,I deal with seniors and most of them have some nail thickness and fungal looking nails,Thanks for any advice
Footlogix! I have clients using it and it REALLY works. Just let them know that it will take some time to see an improvement as the toe nail can take 6-9 months to grow out.
dermatologist for fingers and podiatrist for toenails
Centre for Beauty offers the Footlogix nail tincture. It truly is the best. Same day service. Ship all over the US. Becareful with footlogix may end up ordering from Canada and get charged extra fees.
I have an article on my website that talks about fungus and how to prevent and/or treat it. Feel free to use any info that helps.

If it's fungus, we are not allowed to diagnose or treat it - it's actually illegal for us to do so without a medical license. I always refer to their doctor - even a general physician can take a culture and treat the problem, though a specialist never hurts! There are some products that are good for prevention, or treatment of fungus on skin (athlete's foot, etc.) that work. If it's an actual fungus in the toenail, nothing will get rid of it except for a very few prescriptions or laser treatments.

If it's bacteria (generally dark green-ish in color), then generally exposing it to air and cleansing with alcohol will kill it, but the stain will remain and needs to grow out. I've been told by those in the know that it is safe to re-apply products over the top. Personally, I think we need to evaluate why it happened (lifting products that don't get taken care of, so moisture and a tight space let the bacteria grow, etc) and whether it is likely to happen again. The only time I've seen bacteria on nails is if clients are going too long between services and/or are not taking care of them properly. For me, I always recommend they take a nail break and let any weakness grow out. Better that than to have crummy looking nails out there doing advertising for my studio!
Also, remember...fungus is always a secondary infection. Something always causes it. ei; damage, medications, warm environments and much more. The Footlogix nail tincture will work, but if you are wearing nail polish or a nail enhancement, it will take longer. And yes, Candice is have to let the nail completely grow out. We recommend as well to remove polish or the enhancement, but most clients will not do that. Therefore, the product must be sprayed under the nail. Also, remember Footlogix has their patented technology, DIT which penetrates into the 5 layers of the epidermas, therefore working from the inside out.
In my 25 years of business, this product is truly the only product I have seen to be effective. Not only does it have the DIT technology, but it has the strongest over-the-counter- anti "fungal" agent. Most people tend to recommend anit "bacterial" products which, are not effective. And, to emphasize what Candice said, referring to a medical professional if necessary is always a good idea.
I'm glad that you believe you have an effective product - and maybe that's true, I carry this product and have sold it to clients - but only if used after a doctor has checked them out and approved the use of the product - this is the same thing I do for selling thymol antiseptic (another great tool!). It can't be emphasized enough, though, that it is ILLEGAL for us do diagnose or offer treatment to cure an existing condition, so recommending these types of treatments is a sticky issue in the salon setting.

What I have focused on for clients is being knowledgeable about the causes and issues of fungal infections so that I can explain it to theme nicest possible way so they don't feel embarrassed, and so that they see the importance of having a doctor check it out. Systemic fungal infections (internal or external) can be pretty serious, and can show up by way of a fungus infection, where the cosmetic issue is a flag of something more serious, just like a fever or swelling can be. Google candida and nail fungus and you will find that what we think is a stand alone issue has the potential to be a symptom of something larger - which is something we aren't equipped to deal with.

It's painful to turn people away because it's illegal to work on them with a fungal infection, but if handled correctly, you might just end up with a really loyal client after they've gone to the doctor for treatment. As soon as they get a clearance from the doctor (I always ask for it in writing), there are a lot of things you can do to help restore their nails over time.

Thymol Antiseptic (sold by Young Nails and probably others) and the Footlogix products are great aids in avoiding repeat fungal infections, because it destroys the environment that fungus needs in order to grow. It also can help the nail re-attach after it's been damaged - it serves by keeping the underside of the nail dry and clean. I've personally seen a big toenail go from being only 10% attached at the base, to being 90% attached, just through the use of thymol antiseptic under the nail, with the Footlogix Anti-Fungal foot mousse (not the tincture) used on the foot including the cuticle area after any water exposure. It did take about 8-9 months, but that toenail had been damaged for about 8 years! The nail was never thickened (the problem was caused by injury), but it started out discolored (bacterial by my estimation) and was clear and normal in the end.
Just an FYI on the Thymol Antiseptic - thymol is actually derived from the thyme plant, and is found in most mouthwashes. This, and alcohol, is why people find Listerine effective with many nail issues.

Not encouraging anyone to diagnose, of course Smile

Lol - yes, it is an alcohol, which is why it dries out the offending spaces so well! There are several products with ingredients that cause people to want to use them on nails to solve problems - Vick's has had to come out with a statement that they don't want their products being used to mislead people into thinking it can cure fungus on nails...