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Full Version: Where did you find Nail Techs
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I'm opening a new nail salon ( and am having a hard time finding nail techs, besides myself.

How did you find yours?

This is extra hard right now because my salon is under construction so I can't just have them drop by. I just ask everyone to check the website to see what we're all about

I've tried Craigslist, Cosmetology schools, and beauty supply stores. Any suggestions? Thanks
No way, you can find nail techs anywhere! Now if you mean a nail tech that is legit, for lack of a better word, then you might have some trouble :-P I think the general issue even throughout the country is that it's actually pretty stinkin' hard to find one that works hard, stringent with sanitation procedures, keeps up on their education and then finally...actually good at what they do lol! And I know from experience because my boss and I have been on the lookout since she opened shop which was over a year ago. I'll be honest, I'm not as dedicated as some of the awesome techs on here but I can do a mean mani and pedi! ;-) I don't even mind to grab a student or newbie and train them with what I know but even that's hard because enrollments are down in schools. I'd say to keep with those ideas (that's what we're doing); something is bound to turn up. Good luck!