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Full Version: Led/uv light
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What kind of light do you have? How much was it? I am looking for a somewhat affordable light.
I use the light that the manufacturer for my product recommends. I don't agree that lights should be messed around with. Here is a very informative 60 minute webinar Doug Schoon held that explains why you should use the lamp intended for the system.
"During this 60 minute web event, Schoon provides insight on UV nail coatings and the lamps used to cure them. You'll learn scientific facts and researched recommendations to help ensure your clients will safely and successfully wear UV nail coatings... that are problem-free! Catch up on the results of Schoon's latest research and learn secrets that can help keep your client's natural nails healthy and strong."
I use the Starpro 36watt UV light. While I was teaching at the school I got it from Burmax for a VERY low price but they sell them at Cosmoprof for like $50(ish?) and the bulbs are $25 for a four pack.

I've not had any problems personally curing any system so far with this light.