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Full Version: A thinner for gloopy gel polishes???
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Has anyone tried this? If this actually works it might just change my life! LOL!

Jan in CO
I just bought it but have not tried it as of yet
You'll have to post your results! I'm getting ready to place an order with PNS and am planning to get one. It seems pricey but at the cost of gel polishes...
Thanks so much for your reply!
How could it possibly work for EVERY gel and gel polish brand without interfering with the integrity of the product? Every system is slightly different in formulation. I'm curious what is in the product. Also, I'm a little confused by the need for the product in the first place... I've never had any gels that have thickened or become goopy, and I've always been able to use them to the very end of the container. Some Gelish colors cured in the bottles, but I don't think that can be undone!
We currently sell the LeChat Gelos on our website and it works surprisingly well with most soak off gel polishes. We have not had any complaints with this product.
I was asking about something like this some time ago....

actually wanted to thin my gel for a craft project

would it work on "hard" gel?

I can see the need, I don't do gel polish but have had people bring them in... so thick it is hard to apply nicely. I wondered if it was a problem with gel polish or if they might not store them correctly.
I think most thinners have butyl acetate. All the gel polishes I have list that as an ingredient. So maybe butyl acetate?