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Full Version: Pink and White Acrylics
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I am still in school and graduating in 3 weeks.. The one main problem I am having is with pink and whites. I am ok with the acrylic portion but I am having a problem with my smile lines. Anyone have any tips or advice to help? I told myself that I will practice them everyday that I have school but I am worried what if I dont get it before school is over? My teacher says my smile lines are getting better but I dont think they are.. they look the same to me.. HELP! I have been looking at youtube videos and they all make it look so easy!
If you Google "Tammy Taylor acrylic nail practice sheet", you will find instructions, videos, and a practice sheet that you can print, then put it in a sheet protector or have it laminated. I have referred to mine since the 80's. Not only has this built my speed, but do beautiful consistent smile lines every time.
The real answer as you know is Practice, Practice, Practice. Also, proper liquid to powder ratio is key. You'll get it. Best of luck.
Thanks. I seem to do really good on the practice sheet. They gave us one in class but its on the Actual nail that i have some issues.
I graduated in Janaury and it's the very thing I struggle with. I found that CND's way of doing nails really helped me but so has Young Nails reverse method. There are some pretty good videos on You Tube.
Thanks. I will watch those videos.
This is a great video, it shows consistency and teachs how to make perfect smile lines in steps.
Thanks. I will check it out when i get home. I appreciate all the help i can get
I prefer the reverse method for state board we had to do the regular way but it really doesn't matter how it looks. If you try the reverse method and like it better then concentrate on that, because in the real world clients aren't going to care. Just make sure you can do a half way decent regular pink and white nail for state board.
In CA we dont have to do pink and whites for state board.. Just reg pink odorless. I did try the reverse method today and it looked alot better. I have been practicing everydY. Those videos did help. Just gotta keep practicing.