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Full Version: Problem with CND additives
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I have been trying out the CND additives, but every time I try to mix a color the pigment does not blend into the powder. There will still be tiny chunks of pigment. Any advice? Thanks!
You can mix it with a mortar and pestle or watch how she mixes it on her tile before using it here. After you mix it up, add it to your gel or acrylic.
This video from TKB Trading explains how to use a coffee grinder to mix pigments. You can pick up a new grinder almost anywhere for $10 or so. So worth it! I use one for chopping mylar flakes too.
Also sifting through a super fine strainer helps. There's lots of info on TKBs site for mixing colors, etc.
I just put them in a small jar with the acrylic and shake it. I've never had any problems with mixing it. But...usually there is some glitter or something else in the mix maybe that helps to break it up.
I am having problems with yellow in particular. I tried grinding it a little with a make shift mortar and pestle (didn't have a real one on hand) and that seemed to fix the problem. The other colors seem to work fine when I just shake them in a jar (or the ones I have tried so far).
Yes, you will notice the yellow is a little chunky Wink What you did is fine. Have fun with them!