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Does anyone do monthly promotions? What kind of promotions do you do?
I don't do monthly, but I do a promotion for Jan/Feb pedicures, and it's always a sell out for the products I order. My best trick is that this promotion actually costs MORE than a regular spa pedicure... the secret is in bundling services/products for high perceived value.

For that offer, I give the regular spa pedicure, a facial for the hand (normally a $10 add-on) and a full size body wash & lotion that they get to take home. I use the Cuccio products, and make sure that I do a BOGO free when I buy them, so it costs me $4.95 for the two products, but the perceived value of them as free items is about $20. The hand facial gets done while they are soaking their feet, so the service takes the same amount of time as a regular spa pedi. I charge $5 more than my normal price, which covers the price of the take home products. Clients could also choose this service with a RockStar Toe spa pedicure, and I charge $5 more than the normal price.

When I have done other specials, I usually bundle an enhancement service (their choice of gel polish mani, acrylic/gel full set or fill), plus a hand facial, plus their choice of pedicure (Express, Spa, RockStar Toe) with no take home product. To determine price, I add the nail service & pedicure cost, subtract off a few dollars, and don't count the hand facial at all. When I book it, I take about 10 minutes off the time that I book for them, because I'm only doing the checkout/rebooking/cleaning up steps once so it really does take less time, even with the hand facial thrown in.

Btw, the hand facial is using Cuccio's deep dermal transforming wrap and the accompanying products, you can see the products as well as a pdf of the service steps on their website.

You could put together any combined services you want, but the moral of the story with how I do specials is that you should be creative and always keep an eye on your bottom line. Bundling with or without retail products and/or adding extra pampering is a good way to encourage bookings without slashing prices. I always make sure that I am covering my overhead, costs and hourly wage with whatever special I am running. I don't work on the cheap, because then I would dread days where I am doing a bunch of specials and knowing that I am only making $3/hour or whatever!
Wow, you know i wouldnt of thought of doing it that way. Thanks. I am gonna check out the cuccio products more. The only bundles i have seen is a mani and pedi together but never with a hand facial or take home products. Thanks for all the info!!
Hi Candace!! When promoting the add on hand facial what verbiage do you use for selling the service?? Thanks
I use the verbiage from Cuccio's website. The hand facial is on my menu as a stand alone or add-on service already, so my clients know what it is.
I never thought of offering retail products combined with a service promotion either. Good idea!
(09-27-2013, 09:19 PM)jimsjadab Wrote: [ -> ]I never thought of offering retail products combined with a service promotion either. Good idea!

I hope you find a combo that works for you! It's a great way to build perceived value by using items that you pay wholesale and get a deal on, but also if you have some slow moving retail items you can put together little baskets with those products and use those as part of the bundle. Two birds in one...
Centre for Beauty offers bi-monthly (sometimes monthly) promo's. When I owned my salon (23 years), I offered a Footlogix pedicure and included the price of a retail product (an at home care mousse, usually $5.00 off) with the pedicure. It was an excellent way to introduce the home care products and get it into your clients homes. In addition, I did a special (to introduce Footlogix) with my top 20 clients. I offered a wine and dine for $25.00. They received the wine and dine with a pedicure (useing Footlogix) on 1 foot AND a retail mousse. All but 1 client stuck with the Footlogix pedicure (which was $20.00 more) and to this day, they all still use the Footlogix mousse. More ideas available. If you go to my app "CFB" and sign up to receive emails, you will get those ideas and more.
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