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Full Version: 1st week in review
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Well after my first week I am both encouraged and terrified. I had more walk ins than expected so that was good. All were manis and pedis. I had my daughter come in to practice a set of acrylics wity my newly awuired nailite Omega and Something Wonderful and it was a total bust. I did use bond aid first then something wonderful and it was gummy and could hardly get the nail tip or product to adhere. There were no directions with my order so Idk if I'm doing somrthing wrong here. it was soft when I was ready to file. I ended up ditching it and reverting to mu OPI that I had hoped to replace. I still can't aford gel polish though I know it is a big money maker. I'm feeling overwhelmed and scattered not even having products to offer or ones I feel confident about. I need to push advertisement but ddont want to til I feel I can offer good services. Thinking of half price nails for first 50 clients just to get back in the swing....any thoughts or helpful insight? I do want to add that I love my shop, my shop owner, and my coworkers ( all hair stylists) so that is a big plus. Thanks guysSmile
I would really hesitate to do half price for that many people. What if it takes 10 months to get 50 NEW acrylic clients, but in the meantime you've learned by leaps and bounds because of doing fills and re-tips?

When I was starting (and when I started again) I offered a discount on only the services that I wanted to do the most of, namely enhancements that used glitters and confetti - so someone who wanted P&W's paid full price! The discount was also good for gel toes.
I personally only gave a $10 discount, or I think $25 if they got nails & toes in RockStar format, but I was pretty confident that the nails would turn out ok due to the extra training I got while I was still in nail school. Only you know if that is too steep a discount.

One thing to think about, getting them in your chair once is one thing, but think about a special you can offer once they are in your chair to get them to come back. You could run a special where they pay full price for their full set, and the first fill (done at the two week mark) is free. Then at the free fill appointment you could offer a 25% (or whatever) discount on their next three services, but only if they pre-book the services.
Very good suggestions. Thank you. I think 10 dollars off is reasonable.
With Nailite's "Something Wonderful", you don't need to use Bond-Aid or anything else like that; it's a bonding agent itself so putting it over Bond-Aid may have something to do with your set going all gummy.