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Full Version: Arm rest
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Hello ....Has anyone bought the arm rest that Gel Essentialz sells just curious on how you like it? Thanks ....have a great week !!!
Would that be the pampered perch? I have been wondering about that myself. I am constantly pulling my client closer to me. They get relaxed and sit back in their chair. It makes my job harder and I feel bad always pulling them closer, so I end up struggling.
Kelly.. I feel your pain.. I don't know what arm rest Gina sells, I have seen the Pampered Perch and its very cool, I can't make any statement as to its effectiveness ;( however it does look like it should work well..

I will ask you another question though.. does your client chair have wheels?? if so yank them off! Is the clients position back to the wall so she cant move the chair back too far? I turned my table - 2 benefits she wasn't staring at the wall, but out into the open area.. and she had less space to push the chair back and relax like that..