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Just to clarify......... there is no "former" Linkage.
Linkage is still the #1 selling product worldwide by
Still the same name, still the same amazing product.
AND is made in the USA.
To clarify what I said originally, FORMERLY known as Linkage when Diane owned T.E.N., now known as E Link thru Elite Beauty Supplies.
Hi, quick elite beauty supply a distributer of TEN gels? Or is it a competitor of TEN? I am confused...Thanks!!
(09-23-2013, 10:11 PM)celly Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, quick elite beauty supply a distributer of TEN gels? Or is it a competitor of TEN? I am confused...Thanks!!

There are many gel companies who carry the same types of gel and bonders.
We do not distribute any TEN products
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There's only ONE Tuff Enuff Nails US. All still the same quality products you can depend on. The same original one step poly gel and linkage with the addition of the new acrylic line. ALL of TEN's core products are made right here in the USA and are packaged and shipped from the only distributor in Oklahoma. No need to search out multiple distributors.
I've been in the nail industry for over 20yrs now. I have worked for 2 of the largest nail companies in the world, become a certified e-file educator and spent 3 yrs in the competition arenas. My goal is to keep things simple with what nail techs need to succeed in this industry. I do not claim to "compete" with any other company. There are new ones coming into our industry constantly. TEN's products are of some of the best in the industry and I have chose to keep only the best because of my passion as a nail tech, not as just another company with a product to sell. We all know you can go broke buying a little of this and a little of that. TEN's gel and linkage are made by a private chemist and I chose the acrylic line because it is what I used as a competitor as well as many of our industries top competitors. In a world of glitters, pigments and tons of polish and gel polishes I would like for TEN to be known as a quality, durable, long wearing product either as pink and whites or the base for your choice of colors or your creative art pallet. I will continue to carry a few pigments and glitters and carry only the highest quality of them. The gel polish comes from the same maker that my acrylic line comes from so it's quality is top notch also.
As for questions and comments, please contact me directly. My direct number is 918-231-3000 for calls or texts or you can always email me, [email protected]
THANK YOU to every one of you who continues use the TEN products. I appreciate your business and love hearing from you.