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Full Version: what do you sell?
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This is my first week on the job. I was wondering what kinds of things yall carry for retail. All I can think of is cuticle oil and polishes but since most people get gel polish nowdays, I just don't know. TIA
I see a lot of "non-nail" items - jewelry- sunglasses-bags-etc...
You can look on my website at the retail page and get an idea of some of the things I carry. I focus on made/handmade in the USA products.
Thank yall both.
Candice, what is your website link, may i know?
Click on the www button at the bottom of any post to see the poster's website!
Or in my signature Smile
Candice, Thank you for sharing. I use mobile version , that's why i cannot see your signature .
Oh! I didn't know it wasn't visible on mobile, my bad! It's

Weird, they show up on my iPhone, it must depend on your phone. Wink