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Full Version: Footlogix Callus Off Tips
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Sorry to those who asked me to share and I never came back! Life is so busy right now with clients and getting my retail orders put together for the holiday season, including many items that I make!

-While Callus Off can be used on dry or wet skin, I do find it works best after soaking the feet. If doing a dry pedicure then I used to do two spray cycles - spray the feet, let it soak most of the way in, then spray again.

-After spraying on the Callus Off, I find it's the most effective if I start filing at the right time. You don't want to start smoothing when the product is still really wet, but not all the way dry either.

-If the product dries faster than normal it means the feet are particularly dry - you could still just go ahead and file right away, but I've found I get the best results if I do a second coat of spray and then file.

-If some areas of the product dry before you can get to them, instead of spraying the foot again and having to wait for the product to dry, just spray a small amount on your gloved hand and rub it lightly over the dry area - that way you can file right away.

-For extra callused or dry feet (if they're not getting my callous care pedi) I will spray the feet with Callus Off, let them sit for a minute or so, then soak the feet. After the soak I spray again and proceed as usual with callus smoothing. Doing this really gets a superior result to just spraying once.

Tips on the Angelfeet file, no idea if the Footlogix knock-off file works in the same fashion:

-I use the finest grit on the file 98% of the time. The only time I really use the coarser side is on really hard callous', and even then I just file through the top surface and then switch to the finer grit again. I'm not sure why, but I seem to get more dead skin off using a sort of circular motion using the fine grit side of the file.

-This is hard to describe in words, but I'll try! Instead of using a back and forth motion with the file, I use a loose twisting motion. So with the file firmly against the foot, do sort of a smooth circle by twisting the wrist as you move the file across the area you are working. I hope that makes sense.

-Less is more with pressure. I concentrate on keeping my arm and hand relaxed and let the file do the work - it really doesn't take much pressure at all and with the finer grit side (using the Callus Off), the skin should roll off in little smooth strands instead of coming off as a powder or rough pieces.

-This file really eliminates most of the ticklish sensation for clients, but if someone is still ticklish then I will use the thumb of my left hand (non-filing hand), and place it firmly just under the ball of the foot where the arch begins, my other fingers all go on the top of the foot. By putting on firm pressure with thumb (while not strangling the whole foot) I have found that even the most ticklish client can stay relaxed and enjoy the foot work being done!

I'm sure there are more things, but that's all I can think of for now!
thanks so much for sharing! and i agree about your file technique i do this as well and have good success in getting rid of that unwanted callus. I was interested in what you call your callus care pedi and what that all includes???
Thanks so much Candice!! Much appreciated knowing how busy you are!
I really find too that using light pressure with the fine side is quite effective.
You're welcome - I hope it helps some!

It's funny, I thought about listing the steps for my callus care pedicure, but thought that might be too much info! Smile Here it is:
-Remove polish, shape nails (do gel toes if they are getting RockStar Toes)
-On dry feet: Apply Callus Eliminator, cover with nail wipes (really saturate the callused areas) to keep the product in place, wrap the feet in saran wrap, and let them sit for about 8 minutes. Really it's about a 3-4 minute wait after getting the second foot wrapped, then I start working on the first foot. First I use a wax applicator stick to scrape away the bulk of what the Callus Eliminator loosened. Then I file with the Angelfeet file.
-10 minute foot soak
-Sugar scrub - really massaging it in and focus on any tough areas, remove with warm moist towels
-Spray with Callus Off, cuticle work and file with Angelfeet file
-Foot massage

I charge $65, or $91 if they also want RockStar Toes