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Full Version: Who do you use for your website?
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I'd like to work on my website this week however I'd like to know what builder and or host you are using. I was going to stick with Vistaprint because their builder is very user friendly and I'm highly NOT technical. Of course I also like that my cards and stationary are uniform with the site. The cost is about $16 per month. Someone told me that is too much. What do you think? Thank You.
If you were just paying for hosting, $16 would be a little bit high. It sounds like Vistaprint offers an easy platform that you know and like, though - and that is what you are reallying paying for.

I only pay about $30/year for my website hosting, but it's built on the Wordpress platform. If you know and use Wordpress that could be an option for you, as the platform is free. That said, you are way better off using WP if you know html and css (I do) because you can customize whatever template you use.

To make a long story short, under $200 is not really that bad considering you like the interface and the fact that you have matching collateral - I say stick with what you know Smile

I think vistaprint isn't that high for the starter... but It's been a while since I looked at it. I use intuit for 8.99/mo. it's pretty easy also.