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Full Version: employee discount on services
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If you work, or have worked, in a salon or spa, what percentage discount, if any, did you get on services? Did you take advantage of them? As a staff member, what were your feelings about performing services on other staff?
I usually do all the girls nails for half price or just above that as long as they promote me.
I do the same as Jennie but they have to make appts. just like my clients.
I'm not a renter so I don't have to cover my out of pocket costs and I'm the only nail tech in a hair/nail salon of five. Usually we just trade services since there's only a handful of us. Otherwise we'll cover each other's lunch or dinner or buy a drink or two because we usually end up going out together. Sometimes cash. I dunno...I guess because we've worked together for quite some time and we're so small we just kind of take care of each other. In the past I've had places just require you to cover the wholesale price of product. I absolutely don't mind doing services for coworkers as long as you're not demanding. Clients come first so if needed, your time slot will be bumped.
I am an employee and get paid hourly, along with the rest of the spa. The hair girls are commission. I tip 30-50% of the service cost with the hair girls and for spa services, I just talk it over with the therapist. We usually trade services and match it on how long it takes, so an hour service for an hour service. I've worked it out with my massage therapist to tip $30 and then she gets her hourly wage on top of that.
Thanks for the responses - itt sounds like you all basically work it out amongst yourselves.

Since I am buying all products and tools, I want to have a policy in place that allows for some freebies but for others I need to be able to recoup product costs and/or time cost. Plus, I've actually have a few of my staff ask for a specific policy based on previous places they worked where they felt like the services from staff to staff were a huge nuisance and cut into client time or ended up being like a barter system that got unfair, etc. If everyone was commission only it would be much easier to detemine a chargeback for product uses, but we have a mix of salary types and I want to be fair....
We have product costs to pay as well. $10 for a massage, $5 for shellac service, $15 for facials, etc...
We get one service a month free. The technician doing the service gets paid an hourly rate for it, and typically we don't tip each other. They cannot be booked more than 24 hours ahead and are bumpable. Additional services are 30% off and the technician is paid commission on it. I work in what is for the most part a nails only salon. There is one esto room also.