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Full Version: How to introduce Shellac to clients..
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Ok so after saying "I'm not gonna jump on the shellac Bandwagon because its so costly"....Yeah I did it and bought the system!!!
Well, if I had one more client tell me that their friends had it done or they decided to try it on vacation and loved it and might go back and forth between me and another salon that offers it....Yeah that was the kicker!!!
Let me give you a little background, Been doing nails for 16yrs , I've seen the business be so nice and busy to now I'm freakin struggling in the salon to make ends meet...I figure this is kinda like a last ditch effort..If it brings me even 6 more people it would be great!
I love doing nails......As i said yesterday to my husband , when I get a new clients who gets a new set of nails and is esatic about how their nails look. Its like a high, that "yeah I did that, for her" To myself!! I really miss that feeling on a regular basis!
So now here I am with Shellac and kinda clueless how to get it introduced to salon for new clients and those who have been getting regular Mani's.
So my question is do I do an intro price for this? And should I get regular clients and ask them if they would like to try it at no extra charge..
Yeah Any ideas would be so great!


When I first decided to offer UV cured gel polish ( I use many brands ) I was so excited while telling them about this new product that they were into it immediately. The cherry on their cake was, I offered it as an inclusion in their manicure. That way if they didn't like it, they weren't out any money, and if they loved it, then next time its a $10 add on. I also don't charge for removal.
I have only had 2 who didn't like enough to stick with it. I have even taken some of my acrylic clients to gel polish. Its a win win for me.
I don't use Shellac but use Gelish instead and tell all my clients about it. If they are still on the fence about it, I offer to put it on one finger at no charge so they can see how it wears. They usually call back in a few days saying they want to come in and have it put on all of their fingers. I am not a good sales person and the gel really does sell itself, which I love.
Ohh great advice!! I've been telling my clients since I ordered it the other day and it is funny how your excitement in something can rub off on them!
I'd love to try the gelish too, they have some gorgeous colors, especailly the glittery ones...Just don't like the fact that they can get them at Sally's....Although most of my clients don't even go int o Sally's or realize its open to the public!!


Good for you in "taking the plunge" with Shellac. Talk to everyone about it. The great selling feature is that they get more wear out of it, up to 14 days and leaves their nails in their original condition (no weakening of the nail plate). I tell my clients under "normal" conditions you COULD get up to 14 days. Doesn't mean they will, but much better wear than regular polish.

I wouldn't offer a special price for this. It isn't cheap and once they wear it, they will see it is worth the extra price.

Did you get all the colors of Shellac. There are a couple of them that add glitter or effects to any color, so no need to buy a seperate color with that added in. You can also layer colors to create new colors. Have fun experimenting with that. My clients love seeing a new color come to life before their eyes.

Check out on Youtube Fingernailfixer's video's. She gives you lots of tips and tricks. HTH
Thanks idonls, I will be sure to check out youtube for Fingernailfixer's videos!
It seems I've been trying to gather as much info as possible! And thanks on the comment on the price. Was'nt sure what to do and I've called several salons in the area to get a price of what they charge..Any help from anyone is so greatly appreciated!


You are welcome and my pleasure to help. According to CND's figures, if you don't use their wrap system, and factor in using a UV light, your cost in product will be around $5. Just depends on how much more you want to make on the service.

To get an idea of what you should be charging for your UVGP services try this article:
What Are You Worth?
See just how much of a raise you can give yourself by offering The Tough to Beat manicure to your clients!

Another thing you need to keep in mind is not every client is a good candidate for a UVGP service. You need to do a great consultation, diagnose their nail health, daily habits and all of that. When these products first came on the market, many techs thought they would convert all their acrylic and hard gel to UVGP, but most of those clients NEED the strength and will not do well on this type of service.

You can receive a free sample of eco So Quick UVGP which is gel + pigments, no solvents by filling out the form on the website, just click below to go!