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Full Version: disgruntled client may file charges
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I haven't been to BT in quite some time, but always come here for info and advise.
I have been a nail tech for 25 years, and last week, I got a long, hateful text from a client telling me that I gave her a bacterial fungal infection on her nails and she had to go to the ER. Aside from that, she gave a million reasons why she was unhappy with me. mind you, she had been a client for 5 to 6 years off and on. Oh, not to mention, she wears her nails pretty darn long, and is a waitress who always has her hands in water. Now it was 3.5 weeks from the last time I saw her to the day I got her text.
Yesterday, she sent me a text asking for my home and salon address. When I asked why, she said she was filing paperwork. When I didn't reply, she sent another hateful text, and in this one, she even played the race card. Wow.. Not sure what to do, I'm not even sure what kind of paperwork she is filing, be it small claims or not. I would appreciate any advise from anyone that has dealt with this sort of thing or that just has advise.
OMG - that's scary & I am very sorry this happened! I wish you the best & hope that it all works out.
I'm sorry I can't offer advice - but wanted to wish you well!
Ignore her - block her number, do not waste good worry. If she tries to sue, consult a lawyer. It will be up to her to prove that you caused the fungal infection, which will be extremely difficult.
I have been in the business 25 yrs... I just bought professional liability insurance for the first ever!! I have never felt I needed it. :-( the world is a different place than it was 25yrs ago! I suggest you get a little legal advice on your liability in case she does blame you. Good Luck
It's your word against hers and she has to prove she actually got from your salon. I've never heard of someone going to the ER for a fungal infection....I guess anything is possible tho. Why she didn't come to you and actually show you what she supposedly has is a bit suspicious to me. While things are fresh in your mind about the experience you had with her during her last visit, I'd write it all down. IF you go to court, those facts could help you.
I'm sorry you're going through this. There are a lot of angry, miserable people in this world. Don't delete her texts, they could become evidence.
I agree with Laura. Make sure all your correspondence is either in text or written word. As a matter of fact, tell her that if she wants to continue contact, that everything needs to be written in a letter, preferably from her lawyer to yours.

This is why we buy and continue to pay for liability insurance. My insurance man told me that the incidence of liability for a nail salon is very low because it's on the accuser to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that whatever they are experiencing actually came from you. Since people are out in the real world more often than they are in your salon, the chances of them getting anything from you are very low. It's very hard to prove.

If the chances were higher then we'd be paying much higher premiums for our insurances (like doctors).

If you KNOW you follow all state board rules and regulations for your business and can show that you do, then don't worry.

But, cover your butt and get everything in writing from now on.
I try to keep up with my State Board and disciplinary actions as they are posted to their website. I have seen this come up from time to time where a client complained to the board. All the replies I have seen have mostly been reviewed and no action taken as proof is not always there. I hope everything goes well. The most I think she can do is try to stir up trouble and take up your time. I would probably check with a lawyer and see what she can do. Please keep a record of the texts and conversations you have with her- time, date, what was said. If by any chance she would get your SB involved, be sure your salon is always in order. Again good luck.
Thank you ctomramk, I appreciate your thoughts.

Gel pro, thank you, I do not know how to block a number? And I do think it will be tough for her to prove. Trying not to worry, buts it's very difficult.

Sabbot, my liability just went into effect yesterday. I'm a dumbass for procrastinating for so long on getting it. Like you, have NEVER even had a reason to think about getting it. Now, it won't help me if she tries to sue. Glad you got yours!

Donna, you are right. It is her word against mine, and I did everything right, everything was clean and sanitized as it always is. Funny how none of my other clients got it. Hmmm. Not sure why she didnt let me know that there was a problem. I think it's more of a personal vendetta against me. I am doing a ton of research online, and that's a great idea for me to write down any facts I can remember from the last time I saw her. It was a month ago.

Scratchmyback, there ARE a lot of miserable people. I just was shocked when this 5 year client turned on me. It just goes to show that no matter how much you think you can trust someone, you CAN'T. Actually I hav screen shotted all of her texts and my replies which have been few. So I will be printing them out as evidence against her..

harmonysky, all correspondence has been in text. I won't have it any other way now. Thank you for the info on insurance. It makes since that people are in the salon for a short time in comparison, I think she cooked her own goose though in her first nasty text to me saying that her hands are constantly in water at work..
I'm not worried about SB, I follow everything possible that is in my power. The only thing that's impossible is keeping your station dust free at all times...
TNNaillady , I hope that's the case here too. As of now, she has not filed a case yet. ( I have a friend at the SB in another branch and she checked for me.) Another friends husband is a lawyer and she told me it would probably be a small claims deal, but this lady is vindictive enough to go after more. So that why I've been doing research on different causes of fungus infections, possible causes etc..

Thank you EVERYONE.. I really am having a hard time not talking to my clients about this. But like I said, you don't know who you can trust. It's nice to come here for support Smile)
Thanks for the update and please keep us posted.