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Full Version: Help mixing a color
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I need to make a Maroon glitter color for one of the high schools here and can't get it town. All I can get is a dark red, but needs to be more of a purple red. Does that make sense. My mixes just don't look right.
Any ideas how to get a real maroon color glitter tips?
How would you compare the color you're looking for to this

I have this glitter I can take a better look at it when I go back to work.

can you post a link to the school's website. Its kinda hard to define maroon
That looks pretty close. I compare it to pickled beets, lol. I did order some maroon pigment last night hoping its close.
That picture is true to the color but of course in person it's more sparkly. I know it's like a blend of red and purple glitters. I have to look at it to tell the individual colors.
Jennie, if you need more of blue-ish cast to it, I'd try some interference blue. I added some to a purple and got a beautiful purple with a blue sheen to it.