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Full Version: republic nails
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Hey ladies,was just wondering if any of you have used the Republic Nails line. I've seen the ads in Nails mag, and would like to hear a little feedback on it. Thanks in advance.
I have been using it for a few months now, and think it's great. The UV Top Coat I use on p&w dries almost instantly and has a great shine. The forms are easy to work with, too. The pricing is fantastic.
Tn Nail Lady have you tried any of their uv lamps? I was looking at the site and they have a small lamp really cheap. Also a 36 watt lamp.
I haven't tried their lamps, but from looking at them, I see they are like a lot I find on other sites. I bought one on eBay that was cheaper, and it is working fine. As with many items, the lamps have to meet certain standards. I know the bulbs in the one I got are not the best, and I will replace them with Phillips when the time comes. I think it is more the bulbs than the actual lamp.
Thank You. I'm trying to find a lamp that is small enough to hold, but still cure the gel polish. I have a client that had a stroke several years ago and her left hand doesn't work at all. So I was thinking if I could get a lamp that is small enough to fit her hand in and her thumb that is almost turn upside down, she could wear the gel polish. I put it on her but had to use my 45 watt lamp that was very diffcult and hurt her to try and raise her hand.
This is a set done with Republic.
[Image: Cindy10-5-11-1.jpg]