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Full Version: Gel polish over acrylic questions?
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When applying soak off gel polish over acrylic do you leave the acrylic rough? Is a base coat necessary?

I've found a couple of white gel polishes that work well for polishing a French tip over acrylic, however when I use the soak off top coats they discolor quickly. I know it is because this gel is very porous. Has anyone had any success (no chips or cracking)putting a tradition clear gel over white soak off gel polish? If so, what did you use?
I don't use a base gel and I know what you mean on the discoloring. I've started using a thin coat of Elite's Design Gel over the top for a sealer coat instead of the sog sealer and it's working fine so far. No cracking or chipping and NO YELLOWING!
Thanks Donna. Is Elite's Design Gel a traditional hard gel?
yes, it is. It's cool curing, no heat spike. Thick enough to build with, self leveling and works like a dream.
Trial kits are available thru the website until 9/10/2013 at the Gatlinburg show price.

You don't need a SOG base when applying over hard gel or acrylic. The base is only needed for natural nail application.

I just tried the new Design gel and I love it! It goes where you want it and stays there. No chasing it around. It has a deep shine that lasts and doesn't yellow. I find it easier to use a SOG white on the tips and cover with Design or the Power gel. I bought one of the trial kits Donna mentioned and I especially love the Enhance. It's a "magical" pink that works with any skin tone.

Do you know what their website is? Thanks
Here ya go Robin! This is the kit I got. I think the show price is $25.

BTW, your nifty invention saved my career! So THANK YOU!
Thank you, you'vegotnail! The web site address is in my signature at the bottom of the thread. Just an additional FYI, the sale price was supposed to end today, 9/10, but it's been extended to the end of the month. Both the acrylic and gel kits are priced at $25.
Thank you for the info ladies.

I'm so glad to hear that the wrist-assist has benefited you you'vegotnail!Smile Your welcome, that was the reason it was created.
Have any of you everhad issues with gel polish applied over acrylics peeling at the tips ? This happens to me on a random occasion ,and I am not sure why. How could I insure that this does not happen ? I can't say it is a particular brand ,and I try to leave them rough...some have said try base coating, and a few others said prime the ends. At first this only happened when I used OPI Gel color, but it has happened with a few other brands. Gelish,and Artistic Color Gloss are the only ones that have never done this...any thoughts or helpful advice,or any of your own issues like this
the only experience I've had with peeling at the tips is usually caused from the client not having the tips lifted up off the table. I've got a couple of clients whose nails turn down and the gel will peel back if they don't hold their fingers out straight rather than letting them rest on the bottom of the lamp. Also, if the outside edges of the thumbs always peel up, that's another good sign of the gel not being cured. I've even had one client turn her hands palm up to cure for about a minute because of the peeling issue. When it's done like that, I don't have any problems with her.
One other client types all day long and wears sog. I used to put a tackless sealer on her and it would peel back every time! I started putting sog sealer on, no problems anymore. The only thing I could figure on that was that the sealer bonded so well with the sog, when it cracked due to her typing so much, it took the sog with it when it cracked.
Hopefully, you'll be able to figure it out.....hth.