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Full Version: back to nails after 6 yrs
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Hello nail techs. I'm putting a lot of thought into coming back into the nail tech world after a 6 year absence. I bought some cheapy product and proved it IS just like riding a bike, the muscle memory is still there! not a bad set at all. Anyways I would like thoughts and opinions on products. I can see trends and catch up with them however I'm overwhelmed trying to find a good systems for Acrylic, Gel, i see the thread for Shellack vs Gelish...(tips, glue and what ever things come to mind that wasn't around or popular 6 years ago). Huge task and makes me regret leaving the biz. So share please! Thanks so much! xo KJ
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Welcome back! Don't let it daunt you too bad. I'm sure you remember that you have to just find out what works for you.

I will suggest that you check out Nailite's website. They have a monday special every week. Great time to save money trying things out. You might also call and talk to Lisa and see if she will send you some samples.

good luck!
I agree with the Nailite comment, their prices are cheap enough that you're not out a lot while you get your groove back.
You should look on the swap and shop section on this message board. Someone is selling acrylic products. Lots of luck. I cannot imagine doing anything else, I love being a Nail Tech!
Welcome back! I would say that the main difference or addition to the industry is the "gel polish" craze. Everyone has one, and most are the same solvent based type of product. A few are real 100% gel in bottles. The prices are good depending on what company you choose (Akzentz for example is 100% gel in a .5oz bottle for $19.95 (though its on sale for 16.95). I believe shellac is .25oz bottles, so half the size for roughly the same price.

Anyway check some stuff out and hit a show this year! Orlando is the big networking event for nailtechs that deb puts on. Get your groove back Wink

Welcome back!
You can request a free sample of eco So Quick UV Gel polish by filling out the form at our web site - just click the link below!