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Full Version: Eco soak off Gel Colours- changing containers to prevent leaking?
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Hello y'all!

So I have never myself tried Eco's soak off gel colours, I love the brand but hesitated to buy any colours since I read that the jars leak.

However! I love the colours offered and my local store has all their 1/4 ounce jars on sale for $4.99 (probably phasing them out since they leak I'm assuming) and I'm so tempted to stock up (I think that's a good price.

If I understand correctly, people love the actual formula it's just that the jars themselves leak? Would transferring it to other jars work the same? I have some cheap little clear plastic pots, ideally i wish I didn't have clear pots, but I'm wondering if that might help?

Actually, its more the reason that Veneer has taken off so well that ECO will most likely be phased out.. If the jars are not closed properly they MIGHT leak.. I've heard tales of evaporating, but I have not seen evidence of that in my own stash at all.

Keeping the jar lids clean, closed tightly, and stored upright out of heat and direct sunlight will be fine.
thanks for the response! I love cuccio's veneer as well so that doesn't surprise me they would phase it out.