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Full Version: What is with Gelish!?!
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Went to public beauty supply house and there for anyone to buy Gelish. Asked why this is being sold to the public instead of 'professionals only' and was told this soak-off was not the same as our 'professional' strength. Sounded like a crock to me! It's hard enough to maintain clients let alone attract new clients with 'professional'(?) products undercutting us in this economy. By the way, it was on sale for $9.95 for a .3 oz. bottle.[b]


True you can get minis at Sally's. They are for client touch ups, I for one have recommended it to a client that it would really benefit to have between our times. She doesn't want to. None of my clients want to. Unfortunately everyone can get online and order any brand of gel polish they want to use, full size and lamps to boot. I can't speak for anyone else, but not a single one of my clients has the desire to polish their own nails, let alone invest and use gel polish.
Same with my clients. They are coming to you for a reason. I don't even have the patience to do my own nails. I was in Ulta the other day and they are selling some off brand as well. Doesn't bother me one bit ;-)


That isn't the sale price, that is the regular price at Sally's. And I find it interesting they can buy a light for $25 when we have to buy one for hundreds of dollars. ?????


The regular price at the Sally's here is $12.95 for pros and $15.95 for general consumers which is the same as the online price.
When I was in Sally's. They told me that every one of the Gelish lights <they are minis> has been returned and people are not happy. And btw, I had one person buy the Shellac light and polish online and try it herself. She came back Smile Said that it was harder than it looked. Big Grin