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Full Version: Giving out Business cards
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I am finishing up school to be a manicurist. I have some clients that would prob follow me because they ask for me whenever they come in. I wanted to make some business cards so they can keep my info. I know i wont be able to do any services till i get my license but would like to keep these clients for when i do get my license. Not sure what i should put on my business cards. Dont really want to put the school information since i will use them after i graduate too. What did everyone else do?
I would put your name, phone number, and email address. You could come up with a line that has to do with "coming soon to a salon near you" or similar. You could also see if they are interested in opting in for a phone call and/or email message so you can contact them when you get set up somewhere.
Please don't be disappointed if they don't follow you; you may be their favorite student, but only at beauty school prices : (
Thanks. I understand if they dont but at least im giving them an option and can give my cards out at other places too.
Yes, everyone should have business cards.
I would say try all you can! I am new as well (6 months in) and while in Canada it is different in terms of school, starting out is starting out. I liked Candice's idea of coming soon to a salon near you. Sounds great! I am doing all I can and learning about all brands and techniques and asking lots of questions. Thanks to everyone for all your positive support!
Maybe you can ask for their contact info if they would like to be notified once you find a place.