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Full Version: Cuccio Color Veneer
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I just go my sample mini kit of Cuccio Color Veneer and tried it this am. Loved the application so I can't wait to see how it wears>
My question is, we all know the manufacture's tell us no, however have any of you used the base and top with OPI gelcolor. I have about 45 colors of OPI and about 3 gelish and want to add color veneer, but want to be about to also use my OPI. I just really don't want 3 different bases and tops.
I know Candice told me she used only color veneer top coat (Loved how shiny it looked today)
I have mixed my gelish and OPI just wondered about any of your experiences with the Cuccio.

I would like to know about this too. I also have quite a number of GCs and while I would love to just throw them out the window for CV, my owner's head would spin LoL. How did others transition or phase out?

The topcoat on CVs *is* lovely, though. I joke with friends I've been testing it out on: "Look at that! I can see myself in that reflection!" Tongue
Just to put it here as well - right now I use the Mani-Q base coat and Cuccio top coat for all gel polish services - regardless of which brand of gel polish I'm using for color. I do have about 45 Gelish colors that I use as well as Mani-Q & Cuccio. I've never had any trouble with mixing and matching base and top coats at all. I even had one client who for some reason did better with the Gelish base coat (go figure), so I used that regardless of color.

As for transitioning - I am transitioning out Gelish. What I am doing is just using the colors I have available in Gelish and not replacing them when they run out - or dry out, which they sometimes do! If I have a client who wears the same color all the time, then I will re-order it for them as a last resort, but I've been working to find a color match in Cuccio or Mani-Q so that they can be wearing the stronger gel polish.