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Ok - here's my pity party situation:
I work in a salon (3rd one trying to find the right fit for me still !!). I finished school in April. Started working in February. At previous 2 salons did Manis Pedis Gel polish Acrylic & Nexgens. No REAL problems or complaints! @ New salon (there 11 weeks) I feel like I can't do ANYTHING RIGHT????? The owner & other girls want me to forget what I learned, forget the manufacturers videos & do it there way. I'm doing Mani Pedi Gel polish Gel fills here. I'm getting people coming back, people complaining gels lifting -popping off -I'm taking too long- I couldn't get gel polish to soak off & someone said I filed to much (I am petrified to file & hurt someone so I find that odd & I always ask if they are OK or if I'm irritating them-) . They tell me to NOT tell anyone that I'm NEW SO I feel like an ASS now! I'm sooooo upset with all this & have 4 Regulars (FRIENDS) who I have been practicing on since February - they have experienced it all with me + good bad ugly & long times- I have told them what is going on & they are BAFFLED too!! They are all on hard gels with gel polish now - after going through practice Mani's & my trial & error gel polish till I got good @ it! They get regular fills with me & barely have an issue (recently 2 of them went 4 weeks without a fill & NO issues???). At work we use STAR gel. At home I use Artistic Rock Hard & Nailite . At salon Gelish OPI or Shellac (I've used them ALL!). At home usually Gelish.
They keep telling me JUST dust off the nail after buffing or filing -NO ALCOHOL wiping-- I WIPE @ home with alcohol no problem.... they tell me push cuticle back dry- no softener or anything- @ home I use softener no issues....
Has this happened to anyone before? I feel like I'm cursed or something? What I do @ home (following manufacturers instructions) is working Fine On Me & Friend's *** At salon it's s train wreck it seems??????
At the other 2 salons I had NO problems & I was even more inexperienced?
I'm so depressed & don't even want to return there!

*****Had to VENT if nothing else *****
Sounds like your work salon wants you to cut corners. No alcohol wipe? Your supposed to do that. Dry cuticle push back? Why even bother. STAR gel? I think there is much better quality out there that will give better results. JMO
(08-30-2013, 10:45 PM)kkgunn Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like your work salon wants you to cut corners. No alcohol wipe? Your supposed to do that. Dry cuticle push back? Why even bother. STAR gel? I think there is much better quality out there that will give better results. JMO

I think so
Sounds like they are rushing you....sometimes getting it all right takes a certain amount of time per service.
I went through several company websites- its says to dust off nails and cleanse with alcohol! I told my boss this & she said but it doesn't work & you need to just dry dust with a big brush & proceed..... I feel like the" new person" getting blamed for everything??? I am loosing confidence :-( in myself! I just saw two friends last night with my hard gel on - one is 1 week old & no issues & the other is 2 weeks & no issues-- she is getting a fill with me @ home today.
I know of 2 clients @ this salon that I have with hard gel & gel polish top- I believe they r doing OK & should see them this week- hoping so!
I know I'm new - only been working since February- so I expect issues but don't make people think I'm a "seasoned" nail tech??????????
I have a job offer 13 miles south of my house it's hair salon that built a nail salon in unit next door..... hair has been there 21 yrs-- she had 2 gals let one go & the other decided to go to college out of state- she has no one on the nail side! She offered me any hours I want & an hourly rate + commission - if I get busier & build she will increase + I could go straight commission if i want....this could b better because I'm slower- & obviously I would get paid even if I had no one! Yesterday @ my salon (Saturday) I had NO BOOKINGS - got 1 walk in Mani & 1 walk in Mani/ Pedi. $36 + $14 - made $25 + tips for 4 & 1/2hours (short day for me yesterday). Friday I was there 6 hours & did a polish change only....! And driving to this place 17 miles on way!
We had 2 gelish bottles where the brushes where 'curled/fanned' out- the one girl came right to me & asked if I clean off brushes with anything???? I said NO & told the owner that chances are the brush made contact with UV light & she agreed- I never even used those colors?????? Ugh!
Just venting again-- sorry! My other 2 salon jobs where NOT like this & I didn't have complaints & I was NEWER then!!!!!!
Reading your posts makes me really angry. You know the right things to do to make the service work and yet you are being told to do it another way which is not going to build your reputation as someone who provides good services. The fact that you follow the manufacturer's directions with another product and have success with it shows that you know what you should be doing. I would run from this place.....the other place sounds better and is closer however make sure you are not getting yourself into a similar situation there before you make that leap. Good luck!
Thank you Laura-- I feel like I'm an outcast- on the upside this other salon hasn't had hard gels yet & she wants to add that & said she'll buy what I recommend- she wants to advertise & hire another nail tech - I hope its a better move because this is all too stressful for me!!! Yet giving notice makes me nervous & upset & stressed as well- yikes!
You shouldn't feel like an outcast or lose confidence. Deep down you know what you are doing is right and that should give you the assurance you need to hold your head up and walk right out. Expect to do that (or be thrown out !_!) because there really isn't notice time in this business. Basically, plan for the best but expect the worst. This definitely sounds like a place you shouldn't be in. GL!
I have been using Star products for 15 years, I have a small desk fan that I use to help dry my nails faster. I use alcohol on a nails brush to get the dust off, and u have to let the primer dry, or u get lifting. first coat I use pink t3 fiber, then white tip and two coats of clear. Good luck, keep trying to do what u know is right. I hope what ever u choose to do is the right choice for u.
I know how you feel. I've "salon-hopped" a bit to find a salon that suits me. Im not 100% happy at my current salon but I enjoy my current one more than previous ones. Each salon has its ups and downs. It's just a matter of which one is the best for you. I would love to find a better salon but I'm so picky, I probably won't find one until I open my own.

Its definitely really annoying when other techs dont listen to your ideas, especially when you're the one doing things correctly. Your current salon seems like a bad fit. Go for another place where people are open to your ideas or at least friendlier to you. Good luck!
I can say personally,as a seasoned nail tech, that even though I love where I am now, I keep getting compared to the two other techs because " they are so fast", and I am not. I also don't have my clients sosk off and wrap their own nails for product removal of any kind, I don't leave someone soaking in a footbath while I eat lunch, I don't tackle twenty seven calls while I am with a client,I remove their polish, book their next appointment, and tend to them exclusively while they are in my chair...I book this into their service,and I rarely have repair work, or have to deal with any customer service issues. I charge what I am worth, they pay it, and no complaints. Just do it right the first time, and don't beat yourself up...find a place that respects your attention to detail and work ethic....good luck !! Smile
Just to clarify, after reading my own post,lol, I guess I mean to say maybe I am considered slow, but, I do all of the things at my chair, that the others make their clients do for them. My clients don't ever remove their own polish or product themselves, and the other girls let a person marinate in a footbath for 20 min ,then give them 15 minutes of their time...I think it's a rip off, but ,the people still go to other words, if I book you an hour of my time, you get the full hour with me working on you...
Thanks!! I appreciate everything * and I'm making a move-- I just feel like I can't fit in currently-- I gave them 2 weeks notice-- hope it's a good move! I did my fill # home after wearing my products for 3 weeks- went great & no major issues. Did a gel fill on a friend Sunday- no major issues with her 2 week old gel.
This helps me feel confident I'm doing stuff correct!!!!!
Thanks AGAIN!
I'm seriously pissed. I did a gel fill on my client Tues I went to work today (Fri) & was told she came back furious with her husband cause some nails came off! Another girl fixed & said I file too much??? Her nails were TOO thin? I use 2 layers of Star Gel-- put a bead @ apex, push towards cuticle, move to each side wall & stroke out.... it has heat spikes (grrrrr) so I do 2 layers. I wipe then file shape LIGHTLY & buff & proceed with nail polish.... I can't understand why I work on a few friends @ home with SAME techniques & different products & no one I do @ home has an issue??????
So she Took away my commission from Tuesday & gave it to the other technician!
THEN I did an OPI gelcolor on a 16 year old who had acrylic taken off 3 wks ago & has SHORT SHORT nails with VISIBLE damage Rings of Fire- etc... I did a light color (princess something or other) and a small design on ring finger- finished-wiped-oil-lotion- and before they left another tech Phyllis looked @ nails & says to me there's nothing on her nails & she doesn't look like she had anything done- that I did not top coat- I even went through my garbage to see if polish came off & I missed it- no it hadn't. Pissed!!!! Then I'm doing another OPI gel color - I took off previous color (which I did 2 weeks ago & looked OK still!!) And started prep. I was applying Bond Aid- PHYLLIS comes over & says out loud-- your not supposed to use that bonder- WTH? I WASN'T getting into it with a client there. I simply said "this comes in the OPI kit". Then the owner grabs me after & says no bonders-- its a PH balancer & comes in the KIT! She says you don't need all the steps do you follow the directions on a tube of toothpaste or shampoo bottle exactly or just do what works? How will you know what she's allergic too if she has a reaction & you use all those products?? I'm on eggshells THERE NOW & have 1 more week there!
Then all flustered the Lady asks for toe nail polish change & I forget to soak her for a few minutes & get in trouble for that--
I can't win in this place-- it's killing me SLOWLY - I completely don't want to go back????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!
Gah! *hugs!!!*

Unfortunately, you told them you were leaving and now they feel they have free reign to treat you like shit. The fact that the owner grabbed you AND barked at you, in front of a client no less, is unacceptable! And then to talk down to you like that? I'm seriously reading this stunned. I feel like I would've calmly finished the client, gathered my things and left. Seriously, if you have a gig lined up and ready to go I say you just start there already and not go back to this terrible salon because you're not going to win. Don't let this person rattle you. And about the product....don't doubt that it could possibly be counterfeit or old or watered down if you know what I mean. Therefore, it wouldn't be performing like the product is supposed to. Good luck, friend! You'll get it!
Hey cton, just wanted to check in and see how things were going after you last left us. Did you finish your last week?
My last day was Saturday ** however Friday I went in and had nobody scheduled- last week I believe I did have appointments on my schedule - think they moved them! I sat there from 9:45 - till 1:45 and told the owner I was leaving for the day cause she really didn't need me until 4 it was quiet (Dead). She said she needed me Saturday for 10-4 - I asked if I had anything scheduled- she said no for walk ins only - so I said I wasn't driving 17 miles one way & hope for a walk in- the last several Saturdays have been quiet (last week 1 Appt on Saturday) and it was a Jewish holiday which was a big partof our clients - so no I wouldn't go.... she was pissed.
Went to new place today (hourly + commission) and was quiet but think it was good so far!!