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Full Version: newbie and questions about nailite
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Hi. This is my first post. Finished school, took both tests, and start my first job in 1 week. scared/ excited!! I am hoping to be able to buy most of my products from one place and Nailite is looking good. I'm not particularly attached to the OPI brand abything we used in school and am ready for change. Looks like the Nailite acrylic system gets food reviews on here, thinking I will go with Omega. What I am unsure about is their gel polishes. Haven't seen much talk about them and want to know opinions. I have zero gel polishes and need some immediately. I mean I need to at least order immediately so I can offer it asap. Advise? Thoughts? Thanks yallSmile
Hey ya! Great question from someone new to the business and welcome to the biz! Nailite is a great place to start. Have heard great comments about their Omega acrylic system. Give them a call and ask to talk to Lisa. Tell her you are new to the industry and see what samples she can send you. You will be sold!!
I like there soak off gels in the jars, have not tried the others.