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Full Version: back in the game!
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Hi everyone, I've decided to get back into the industry after two an a half years. I feel lost! Shellac? Vinylux? Gel color? what's the best. I hated gel color. I used to use young nails for gel and acrylic. I liked OPI for mani-pedis.
So what's up with the Shellac, what's the difference between that I with Vinylux? Now I see all most every company with gel polish, even Seche Vite, which I always used for top coat. I would appreciate any input. I did get a starter kit of both Shellac and Vinylux.
Welcome back to the industry, hun! Everyone has their preference so ya just got to find out what works best for you! Here is a summary of the difference between Vinylux and Shellac for ya:

Vinylux - 7 days wear, no light, dries quick, removes with polish remover, no base coat.

Shellac - 2-3 weeks wear, uv light cured, 100% dry when done, soak off with acetone

Hoping this helps ya out a bit!
Ok, so i am now using shellac, with protein bond. been working great. also Gellish. But whats everyone using these days for gel nails, i have Young Nails. But i was curious about CND Brisa gel? Does anyone use it?
Gather your information and determine what it is you want to offer your clients. The gel polishes (shellac, Gellish, Opi, Young) all offer different formulas. Do you want 100$ gel or do you want a mixture of polish & gel? If you want a mixture, what ration do you want? ei: Shellac is 18% gel the balance pollish (I could be off just a few) where gellish is 60% gel and 40% polish (again, may be off a tad). Just wanting to give you examples.
Brisa is a nice gel "system" but it is a full gel product.
The vinylux is more of a polish..not sure what the curing factor is.
In any case, several salons I work with carry "all" brands to offer different colors and consistencies.
When I had my salon, some of my clients could wear Shellac and others couldn't. Yet, some did very well with Gellish and others didn't.
I can say, if I were to start over again, I would carry all options of gel polishes etc. 1 gel system (probaby Brisa and 1 acrylic product)
Take the classes of each system and learn from all of them.
Thanks for the input!