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Full Version: Just Wondering...
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What do you think is better,clients that go three weeks and up between appointments, or people that have to get done every two weeks because they are falling apart ? Just wondering because my people go three weeks and up and usually come back in tact,or with almost no damage,referring to all services I offer,btw, and some other techs who stay pretty busy,do services that barely make it two weeks.I don't intend to change anything I am doing, my people would not go to me anymore if their nails and toes barely lasted two weeks. Really just opening it up for discussion, and curious what your thoughts are,as fellow nail professionals...
As long as they're coming back, If you're maxed out or full enough satisfy you I guess It doesn't matter how long in between client's visits. It't not like you'd be able to make more money. When they return if the nails don't require too much work for you I say why not. My salon owner recently posted a pic of nails I did on instagram and someone commented saying she wished she had known, she got her nails done the same day as the message and they we're already lifting. People just don't know any better. I just got a new client that wore gp before and stopped because she couldn't wait in the nail shop all day. She was happy to find a place that does appointments.
If you are providing a service that is higher quality than others, the best thing you can do for yourself is to advertise that quality - and, better yet, have your clients advertise it for you. Ask your clients to write reviews on yelp, yahoo, fb, etc - provide them with referral cards to share with their friends and maybe offer an incentive if someone else books off of their referral. Have them play up the conveneince factor of coming in less often. The second thing you should do is raise your prices. If you can guarantee 3 week returns rather than 2, then charge for it.

I am pretty busy, and I charge $28.00 for fills ,plus $5 extra for gel polish finish.I charge $30 straight up for gel polish manicure,removal or not. I was just thinking the other day,how different clients can be from one tech to another.For example, my clients would never come in and remove their own polish,or wrap their own nails for soak off, but some other techs clients do just that. Personally, I consider that part of the service and what u pay me for...Anyway, I love the perspectives you guys give,and the fantastic wisdom,and it is always reassuring to know there are others out there like me...Smile