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Full Version: Polish for stamping
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Does any polish like OPI, ect work for stamping or is somthing special needed for it?
I've tred OPI and some work and some don't. I didn't like not knowing, so now I just use Konad polish it works everytime.
Some striping paints work. I've had some luck with OPI polishes that have thickened. It needs to be really heavily pigmented. But, like GetNailed said, better to stick with Konad polishes to be sure.
I bought plates a long time ago and never bought the polishes and got frustrated with it. I want to try again. I've read online a lot of people recommend Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish. I think I will buy the black and white Konad brand and maybe try some Sally Hansen for more colors.
CND Vinylux works beautifully for stamping!