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Full Version: Has anyone used just Gelish base and topcoat?
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I just want clear shiny nails that will last my vacation. I use Gelish on my clients but never on myself. I am actually concerned abut ruining my natural nails. I was wondering if the base and clear will stay on as well as a color.
I do this all the time on myself and it holds up very well
(08-25-2013, 09:52 PM)aprildobes Wrote: [ -> ]I do this all the time on myself and it holds up very well

Thanks! Does it ever ruin your nails? Does it come off quick sinc eno color or same time?
So far 2 nails did chip slightly after 3 days and 6 days after one more. The beauty of clear nails is that no one else can tell. I am loving my shiny natural nails. I'm nervous for removal.
If u use it on your clients, then why would you worry about it damaging your own nails ? It doesn't damage nails if applied and removed properly,not just Gelish, but gel polish in general...just really curious why you would think your nails would be damaged by a product you seem to bevfamiliar with...