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Full Version: What do you use to dry polish completely
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I was looking for something to dry nails thatmake them rock solid ry for those who are not going to use the SOG's. The electric nail dryer does not completely dry the toes. I was doing a search and found Duri Drop and Go Drops, anyone use them? Any reccommendations?


I have used other drying drops and based on my experience with those, they don't totally 100% dry the polish. It still takes time for the polish to dry. I have recently started using Seche Vite's UV Topcoat. That does dry the polish pretty quickly.
I always use Seche. I am going crazy and panicking for the winter.
Not everyone wants to spend the extra money on SOG's so I need another option. I tried the Dazzle and am still not sure about it. I saw the Duri Drop n Go online and was hoping this would be the answer. I have used the OPI Dri drops and they don't make the nails rock solid dry. I guess I am looking for a miracle. I just need to keep my pedicures for the winter.
So Far my experience with the Seche Vite UV topcoat is to apply the polish in thin layers and it seems to work well. When I applied the polish too thick even the Sech Vite had a hard time on those nails.
There was another quick top coat I used exclusively, CND bought it and now I believe it is discontinued - Right now I can not even remember the name! It was a air or heat dry. After applying I would pull the table lamp down over their hands, admonishing them to sit still, I cleaned up a bit, wrote up their ticket, booked their appointment. By that time they were rock hard.

Today I will use Fast Set Express Polish Cure or eco So Quick Top Coat Semi-Perm Polish Sealer (both available @ ). I also love Out The Door by INM, especially if I want to add some sparkle, the hologram or gold ones are great!

I think NSI's AirShield or ThermoShield are also very good products for traditional polish. There is also at least one brand of UV top coat that is now made to apply over traditional polish, but I don't recall the brand and never used it, so I can not comment on it. Maybe someone else can chime in on that.
I have been using Out The Door and it works really good. I still tell them to be careful for the next 20 mins or so to make sure it's nice and dry.
INM total eclipse top coat is great too! Its air dry or uv dry, I use it over regular polish and also use it on all my sog's because its sooo shiny. It works well over regular polish. Idk if it actually helps them dry any faster but it definitely gives them a bit of protection while they finish air drying.

You could also try running a special with a free or discounted gel polish upgrade for a limited time, most of my polish clients who were apprehensive about gel absolutely refused to try it until I offered a discount, now almost all of them say they wont ever go back to regular polish.