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Full Version: Candace!
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I'm reading about your doggy in Nailpro, right now! :-P
My dog? Or another Candice lol. I don't get Nailpro, and I must have forgotten talking to them about my dog...
I am pretty sure it's you. You're in Stanwood, WA, right? It's an article about dogs in the salon.
Yes, I am! I finally remembered - someone did call me and ask me a bunch of questions. I kept telling her that I didn't think I was her best source as I had no real strong opinion either way, but I guess she got what she needed lol. I'll have to go online and look for it, thanks!
I looked in the August issue - it must be in September's, which isn't available online yet! Seems to me the gal said she would send me an issue, but I haven't received one! Oh, well lol.