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Full Version: Moving and building client base
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Hi! I was wondering has any of you moved to a new state and rebuilt your client base? How long did it take and what things did you do to build? I'm considering a move after doing nails in my current location for 19 years. A little nervous because the business was so different when I originally built my client list. But the good news is this time I know how to do nails and have confidence in myself. Thanks in advance for any responses.
I hope you get some replies, I will be doing this as well.
There are so many steps of what to do, it's impossible to answer here! I haven't moved to a new state (except right out of nail school!), but I did move my salon over an hour away and lost all but a handful of clients early on. I just went back to square one and did everything all over again!

Too bad that the owner of this forum doesn't allow old posts to remain on this forum - there has been so much good information that has been allowed to just drop of the threads. Maybe it forces people to post questions instead of just doing an effective search, but it sure makes this forum less useful to people in your shoes! There are a few sticky threads with building ideas, but unfortunately they are limited and pretty old posts, but still some ideas there for you both.

Good luck to you!
I just came thru an experience of relocating to another state..larger town than where I had been..that was absolutely terrible. It is definitely a lot of work to find the right location..the right vibe of co-workers..uggh..I've been doing nails over 20yrs & still love it like I just got out of I was all for the work needed in my new journey in a new State...
advertising is very different now..waiting on word of mouth takes too long..flyers have always worked for me in the past..but it's a new day now with social's just a lot of work & time to build a new clientele unless u find a salon that is already booming & in need of help.
Good luck to u both.