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Full Version: liquid pump that doesnt leak?
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No matter what liquid pump dispenser I use they all leak!!!!! Anyone have a suggestion for one that does NOT leak? Thanks
I have given up on those things. I got the bottles from my local Vietnamese supplier that have like the Elmer's glue twist open top. They come already labeled.
As u pump the Acetone or Alcohol it seems like it's coming through all over & not just on top -- I thought it was just ME! LOL!
Yup. My table is full of acetone after every client. Elmer's glue thing us a great idea!! Thx
I actually have some really good ones - but they are pretty generic looking and I'm not sure where I got them anymore! I do know I only paid a few bucks for them and they're an opaque plastic - my prettier and spendier ones spew product everywhere, so I just roll with it and say art is messy. Smile
If you mean polish remover pump bottles, the liquid gathers at the top?

I've always bought, I think the brand is Mendez
never a problem and they really last