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Full Version: OPI Gelcolor HELP! And what gel polish do you recommend
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Hi everyone, I really need your help/advice. I am having some issues with OPI gelcolor lifting/chipping. I know that I am prepping very well and not missing any steps. I use the OPI LED light. And this is only happening on some people. I have some that it lasts extremely well for 3 weeks.
This particular client went to a NSS and could go a full 2 weeks with no chipping or lifting and now cant wear gelcolor for even a week without an issue.
Is it possible that there is something in gelcolor that is not right for her?
Anyone else use OPI gelcolor and have issues? I have invested in a lot of gelcolor and only been a tech since April so still new and trying to build a clientele.
What Gel polish do you recommend as I am thinking of trying another line
Take a look at removal and not application. When the gel stayed fine for 2 weeks and now cannot even last a week, it's more than likely nail health has deteriorated to the point that nails are weak, dry and crumbly.

It's common for those who's nails have been damaged for whatever reason.
Thanks for the reply. This client has very healthy nails. from reading another post about OPI I am not alone with gelcolor issues. I was surprised as she was coming from a NSS and her nails were in good shape,