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Full Version: Dry, peeling nails
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I'm hoping for some advice for a client of mine. She came to me for help with her natural nails. She told me she used to have long, beautiful nails that she kept polished for years. Recently she claims they started breaking and now she can't get them to grow out. They're dry and peeling. I've been doing regular manicures on her and she's been using cuticle oil and I sold her a bottle of Nailtek hydration therapy and suggested taking a multivitamin with Biotin. She has been to her doctor who ran some blood tests on her, including for thyroid issues, and everything was fine. She claims she hasn't started any new medications. I'm stumped at what else I can recommend. So far none of this has helped, and we're three months into this. I'd appreciate any other suggestions.
Could it be related to the climate change? I know Im having issues personally right now where mine are literally peeling on the surface of my free edge, and then when that part peels off, Im losing the stability and the nail eventually breaks. Im pretty sure its due to the cold dry temps we are having! But it sounds like you are using everything possible to counteract if thats the case..


I have heard that the body goes through changes evey 7 years and this could be a representation of a newer little older dryer body. I hear a lot about how clients always had --- until now. It interesting how we change.
Hi all:

A lot of times, it could be from your client working with paper or just general cleaning chemicals which can dehydrates the nail and the paper will absorb natural oils from the nails and make them brittle or peel. I suggest to my nail customers: OPI Nail Envy Sensitive and Peeling or
Dry & Brittle formulas and it usually corrects the problem. Jessica also has some great products for specific nail conditions. They are all effective and great products.

Give us a call at Blondies. (800) 256-6397. We are nail techs that would love to help answer your questions.

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yep yep.. the body chamges.. my mother and I had really great nails.. in the past few years mine have changed.. I recall now that Mom's started to change as well.. dry brittle, nothing we did really helped.. I even sent her to a tech near her in FL for several visits to see if we could improve her nails, but nope it didnt help..


What is her age. We as women go through a lot of hormonal changes. Maybe she is either pari menopausal or in menopause. Along with all the other things mentions this could be the reason too.
I'm thinking you are right and it is a change in her body. She is in her 50's so it must be some hormonal changes. Thanks for the advice.