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Full Version: Soaking off gel toes
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Hi all. I currently file off the gel for gel toes. I work like to soak them while I do a fill on the client to save time. What methods to you all suggest that work great. I have tried regular foil but it always seems to fall off the toes ;-( any better ideas? Thanks!!
I'm not sure that you would really save that much time by soaking off. Splitting concentration - having too much going on, and I can file off the old gel in about the same amount of time it would take me to file off the top seal, put acetone on a cotton ball, and wrap the toes in foil. By then I'd be done filing off anyway - and with soaking off you'd still have to come back and finish the removal. Just my opinion.
I use the foil that hairdressers use. It comes in a box and you pull a sheet out at a time. I cut them into pieces. A box should last a very long time.
Sillysoup, do you wrap each toe or do you wrap the whole foot. Oh and do you use hairdresser cotton (the kind for perms that comes in a string) or individual cotton balls? Thanks!!
My co-worker does my shellac toes... This is the method she uses:

cotton balls/acetone one the three tiny toes - wraps them as one package. Then the next two toes are wrapped as the second package. Takes just seconds to wrap both feet.... it actually has a shorter soak off time then when I wrap hands.... since I make ten little packages versus four on feet. I wouldn't recommend filing it all off... too risky about damaging nail bed.